Thursday, September 8, 2016

Dr. Conway Appointment

So I met with Dr. Conway who is super sweet and had some ideas on stuff to try this next transfer to hopefully keep the baby in there long term.

Her plan is to have me do baby aspirin along with lovenox or heparin starting day of transfer in case I have a genetic clotting problem that is weird and not picked up on regular tests (since my mom and grandma both had clots while pregnant) ---I've done the most common work ups for recurrent loss and all have been normal.

Then she also suggested I try plaquenil (a medicine used for autoimmune like rheumatoid arthritis) in case I have some antibodies that attack the embryo/placenta.

She said these things are all more of an experiment but it's at least something to try that may help.
She recommended I still only transfer one embryo because of my weak cervix she said if you got pregnant with twins I'd be so scared your whole pregnancy. Plus sometimes if one twin is failing it pulls the other down and you can lose both.

Her PA Stephanie will call me in the next few days to schedule a day where we can coordinate the next FET (frozen embryo transfer) and calendar. Probably looking at 3rd week in November.

The plan is to get one more HCG level drawn next Friday the 16th to make sure its zero. Then wait 2 weeks and on 9/30 start provera to induce a period.

I'm to call their office on day one of period to schedule a saline u/s to make sure the uterine cavity is clear for transfer.

And our embabies are flying to Pleasant Grove RIGHT NOW! Praying they are safe and cozy.

Thanks for all your kind comments and love. Having all this support is more help than you will ever know.

I'll post more as I know.

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  1. How nice to have a doctor who has some new ideas about things! I'm glad you're getting some good care. You are amazing and brave!!