Thursday, May 25, 2017

14-15 Week Update...

14 Weeks: I had some weird brown spotting (no cramping or pain or anything else) I believe the spotting was left over build up gunk from stopping the crinone gel. But of course it freaked me out. It was all clumpy and dark brown and honestly looked like poo. It lasted a good 5-7 days but I haven't had any since. I had an appointment with Dr Denson a few days after it started and he checked my cervix and it was still closed and we did an u/s and all was well. I'm so grateful for Dr. Denson and how on top of things he is.

15 weeks: So had my appointment with  the perinatal doctor and my cervix is still at a good length and closed.  I've seen a different doctor every time at this office and the one I saw this was my least favorite. She told me to come back in 2 weeks but the last doctor told me to do weekly until we pass the scary stage. So they don't all seem to be on the same page and she just said some things that rubbed me wrong I'm sure she's very capable but I just prefer the others over her.

My placenta is lower and an edge of it is actually touching my cervix but they said as my uterus grows bigger it should move up and not be a problem. But to avoid sex (which we've been doing anyways to be safe).

 My baby has grown so much it's crazy. Every time I do an ultrasound I'm amazed at the miracle of it all. The baby sure moves and bounces around like crazy every u/s too. I haven't felt any kicks or anything yet but when I do I'm sure it'll be non-stop with how much baby moves.

I saw Dr. Denson (5/17) and he said he noticed the two doctors different recommendations (bi-weekly appointment vs. weekly) and so he called over there and talked to a nurse and said he'd rather me be seen weekly just to keep a close eye on things. So we scheduled an appointment for Monday 5/22 and the nurse said she made a note to have the doctor make sure everyone is all on the same page.  Grayson got to help Dr. Denson find the baby's heartbeat and it was around 144.

On 5/18 I went and did temple youth baptisms early morning and when I got home I laid down to rest a little before Neal left for work and around 9:30AM I felt this huge gush and looked and it was bright red blood. I ran to the bathroom and it just kept coming. It was A LOT. It sounded like I was peeing but it was just blood flowing. I didn't have any cramping or anything just the bleeding.  I yelled for Neal and when he came in he was shocked and thought for sure I was miscarrying. I told him to call Dr. Denson. Dr. Denson told us to go to the labor and delivery at the hospital. Neal's mom met us there and took Grayson and Jasper. They got me a wheelchair and Dr. Denson had called them letting them know I was on my way there. Neal called his office and told them to block his schedule.

We checked in and Dr. Denson came in a little later, he did a cervical check but had to remove a bunch of clots before he could see my cervix and saw it was still closed. He ordered an u/s and said we'd chat again after we saw what was going on.

The u/s showed baby still healthy and strong (huge relief) and that I had a blood clot right above my cervix, the placenta had moved away from the cervix just barely and my cervix had shortened to 2.1cm. It was around 3.4cm at the appoinment on Tuesday. They called to tell Dr. Denson the results and he said he would call Dr. Ball at perinatal office to discuss doing a cerclage (stitching my cervix). I had some cramping around 1:30 that scared me a bit but they said it was probably due to the bleeding and clot and irritation to cervix and uterus. Dr. Denson scheduled the cerclage for 4PM and I had to not eat or drink anything until then.

The bleeding had slowed way down and we just hung out waiting for the procedure. At 3:30 they gave me this sour grape smarty drink to help with the acid in your stomach to prevent aspirating. They wheeled me up to the surgery floor and Dr. Denson went over what he'd be doing and then they wheeled me off and put me under anethesia and I woke up a little after 5. He said everything went great, he had plenty of cervix to stitch and was happy that we were doing it now rather than 5 weeks from now.  He had me stay over night to monitor me and it was an uneventful night. No bleeding or contractions.

Dr Denson checked in the next morning and said my blood count was low so put me on iron. They did another u/s while he was there and showed that my cervix still looked around same length as the day before with the stitch which he was pleased with. They told me bed rest through the weekend and would reassess at my appointment Monday with perinatal doctors.

Neal gave me a beautiful blessing in the hospital and I could literally feel heavenly angels surrounding us. I know we were watched out for and maybe the bleeding happened so we could get the cervix stitched, I would've had no idea it was shortening if I didn't have the bleed.

Had my appointment Monday and I was so anxious before hand, I'm not feeling baby move yet because it's too early and I just get paranoid. Sitting in bed all weekend and all I can think is the worst. So Neal was able to move a patient and meet me there. He is the best you guys, honestly I'm the luckiest and I am so grateful for him. My cervix was measuring 4 cm which confused me since at the hospital it was 2 cm but hey I'm not complaining. Baby still beating away and will see them again next week and if things look good they'll space my appointments to every 2 weeks.

So what started out terrifying ended up better than we could've expected. God is watching over us and this miracle babe.

Thank you for your continued prayers, support and love. We are so grateful.

Friday, May 5, 2017

13 Week Update...

I am still in awe we've made it this far. It's hard to believe but I'm starting to feel a little more like this is real. I'm really pregnant. Almost through first trimester. I'm 13 week 4 days. It's really happening.

I can't tell you how great it is to be seen every week and get reassurance baby is still in there bouncing around. I am so grateful for these appointments.

I saw Dr Ball the perinatal doctor yesterday and everything looks great. Cervix still at a good length. He said let's hope for a boring pregnancy. I am all for a boring uneventful pregnancy! I start the progesterone injection his week, which I'll do once a week in Dr. Denson office.

Dr. Ball told me that research has shown that injection progesterone is better for preterm labor and progesterone suppository is better for shortened weak cervix.  Who knew? He said they'll see me back in 2 weeks then weekly after that until we get past the scary stage.

Baby looks great and has a 3 vein umbilical cord. Which is good. Heart rate was 159. I was able to see baby has all fingers and toes and lungs, stomach, bladder, kidneys, heart chambers, spine, just amazing.

Did you know babies intestines and stomach and such buldge into umbilical cord in early pregnancy because there is no room for them all in the tiny abdomen and then move down into the abdomen? So amazing.

It's just such a miracle how they grow. It such a testimony to me that God is over all and how amazing our bodies are.

So next update will be in 2 weeks. So far everything is as it should be and I'm grateful. Thanks for following along and for the continued prayers of love and support.

Also doctor told us he's 80% sure the gender  but we are waiting to be 100% sure before spilling the beans ;) I think we will know for sure at the next appointment. Do you have  any guesses?