Monday, December 5, 2016

H2O (Saline) ultrasound...

Had my water ultrasound today to see if there are any polyps or other abnormalities in my endometrium for our upcoming transfer in January. They do this to make sure there isn't anything that could prevent implanting of the embryo.

They found at least 3 new polyps (they told me they are like little skin tags). Which is just crazy to me. The first polyp I ever had was before the last transfer and they scrapped it out. So I'm glad they had me do this ultrasound and I'm glad we did it earlier in the month so there is still time to get them scrapped out before transfer in January.

I asked if I could do anything to prevent polyps or what causes them, they told me they just grow-- sometimes it's hormones (which I've been loaded with) but there is really no way to prevent them. 

I'm not going to lie I was a little shocked, I had this blog post draft written last night that all was well and we were a go to move forward....but tis not so. 

So now we have to schedule this surgery in the next 2 weeks to remove the polyps and we may possibly have to drive to Utah to have it done in Dr. Conway's main office. Otherwise we will be doing it in the hospital with Dr. Denson. Either way more money then we were expecting to spend. 

So I'm waiting for the surgery scheduler to call me and let me know what is our cheaper option and if Utah is cheaper Neal is in Butte, MT until Thursday working so I'm hoping they could squeeze us in Friday. 

Also got a call from the specialty pharmacy Stroehecker's for our medications for the cycle. Just for the Progesterone and estradiol shots is $417...but money is just that if I get a baby out of this I don't care what it costs!

I can't believe it's already time to prep for this transfer. I'm kind of in denial and feeling a mixture of emotions. Anxiety, dread of another possible loss and dread the sore bum from shots, guilt of the financial cost, hope this is the one that sticks for good, faith that this is all in God's perfect and capable hands. Loved this quote I read on Instagram today.

Praying for peace of mind and strength to move forward with faith and hope.

And our house is almost done being built! We will probably be moving in right around the same time as the transfer (if transfer doesn't get delayed... or our house). So lots of exciting things coming up.

If you're looking for a good Christmas present or white elephant gift we'd love you too purchase one of our coloring books to help us pay for costs of IVF. The Fiddlesticks one is kind of my favorite haha!
I'm working on the story of our egg retrieval #2 and transfer #2 blog posts so stay tuned. Much love to all who are reading along and following our journey. We appreciate all your love and support more than you even know. 

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