Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Update on polyp problem...

I had a friend text me today that my uterus is mean and I just had to laugh cause it totally is dang these polyps!

So I had an emotional break down today and I'm a little embarrassed to even write what happened but I'm going to be totally candid.

I got a call from Dr. Conway's surgery scheduler and she told me the cost estimate that they bill to insurance ($1799 for doctor and facility fee and $600-$1000 anesthesia fee) and gave me the CPT and ICD-10 codes so I could call my insurance and see if it'd be cheaper to do it in Utah or at the hospital here. Called the insurance and they told me it's almost always cheaper to do in office than hospital because of facility fees at hospitals is like double charging you. So Dr. Conway's office it is!

Also after talking with Neal we decided financially it just makes more sense to wait to do the procedure until January since our deductible starts over again then. It's only 3 week wait or so. So I called Dr. Conway's surgery scheduler back and left a message telling her that we would like to wait until January with our deductible starting over and to do it in Utah. I also asked if this would push back the transfer. Which I assumed it would.

I then called the PA at Dr. Conway's office and told her that we would like to do the procedure in January since our deductible starts over then and asked if it would push the transfer back. She said we would need to push back the transfer and that this is the last time they'd let us move the transfer since the scheduling is so tricky and stuff. I got upset and told her it's just due to needing this procedure done and it's not like we are going to flake out. (I was teary and emotional) She told me not to take it that way and that they just have some patients that try and move things around a lot. I told her we can travel to Utah for the transfer, she said we'd have to unless we wanted to wait until April. I told her that's fine and she told me to call back once I have the procedure scheduled so she can start working on a new transfer schedule.

I feel embarrassed and emotional at how I handled things but also upset that she didn't realize how hard this is on me. It's not like I want to have polyps or want to put off my transfer. We also didn't ever move the transfer before hand and we're only doing it this time because of the polyps and financials. I mean to pay $1200 this month for a procedure and then have to pay that all over again next year towards a deductible seems silly.

I realize she probably has not been in the infertility field long ( I believe she was just trained this year to do the scheduling and in April when they did my first saline ultrasound she was being trained to do that then too.) So she is probably stressed with what's on her plate and doesn't really realize how hard it is emotionally on patients. And honestly I've only seen them a handful of times so they don't really know my personality and that I'm organized and on top of things and would never just move a transfer to be more convenient for me and thus inconveniencing them.  Nor does she probably realize the infertility struggles I've had.... (although it's in my HUGE file). I get it it's hard to remember every single patient you see and their whole history but come on you chose to work in a highly emotional field just tread with care and try to be a little more compassionate and understanding. Plus as Neal said "we are paying them a lot of money, and want the best results, so who cares if it's tricky to schedule, we need to push it back."  Love my sweet supportive, knows what to say to make me feel better, better half.

So yes I'm embarrassed and actually put of calling her back today so I wouldn't break down again and had a more level head and wasn't so sassy. I will apologize tomorrow for overreacting when I call her back telling her I have the procedure scheduled.

When the surgery scheduler called back she was super understanding and nice and had spoke with Dr. Conway who said that would be fine to do procedure in January and do the transfer down in Utah in February. I scheduled the procedure for Friday January 6 @ 11 AM. The scheduler told me she would let the PA know and that I should be receiving a new schedule for my transfer soon.

I'm ok with waiting to do the transfer in February. It will probably work out better then anyways. We will be moved into our new house and settled down and no shots for the holidays to worry about.

God is good, and I have to remember His timing and plans are better than anything I could ever plan for myself.


  1. I think you handled that nicer than most people would have! It's not like you're excited to wait. I hope everything works out this time!

  2. That makes me so sad for you!! I remember a few emotional times with doctors where I felt really embarrassed after. One where I broke down right in front of a doctor! I hope things go well for you with Dr. Conway. We really enjoyed working with her, but some of the staff can be a little unsympathetic. Best of luck! Our prayers are with you!

  3. You are amazing Angie! Thank you for being brave & writing these posts :) I hope everything goes well! We will continue to keep your family in our prayers :)