Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Hysterscope and polyps removal...

So it's been a crazy 2017 so far. On January 1 my father-in-law's health started declining fast from years of dealing with lupus. By Wednesday we knew it was only a matter of time and he wouldn't be with us much longer.

Not knowing how much time he had I kept debating if I should reschedule my procedure or not. After discussing with my husband we decided I would go and do it still since there wasn't much I could do here to help.

My dad offered to drive me down to Utah for the procedure Friday January 6 and we left around 5:30am. I figured we'd be back around 5pm. I was able to stop by my in-laws house once more before I left and said my final goodbyes.

As I was driving to Utah I got the text I dreaded and my heart broke. My father-in-law had passed away at 7:30am.

I felt so torn wishing I had rescheduled so I could be with my sweet husband during this time. My father-in-law was one in a million. I considered him a father and loved him so much. I know He is pain free and enjoying heaven with our son Jayden.

It was freezing that morning ---we are talking it got to -26* at one point. The roads weren't too bad but there were tons of accidents that caused delays but we had left early enough to have a cushion.
I arrived at Utah Fertility center about 45 minutes before I was scheduled and we waited. They took me back around 11 and got me hooked up to an IV. Dr. Conway came in and chatted for a quick minute and then I was out and before I knew it I was waking up in a chair with a heat pad on my abdomen. (Which felt heavenly) My dad came in while I was waking up so he could hear what the doctor said (I was afraid I wouldn't remember) .

Dr. Conway came in and said they removed 2 bigger polyps and a couple smaller ones. She sent them to be tested just in case. I was able to dress and walk out and we drove straight home. I slept most the time from the anethesia but also was able to talk to my husband a little. They had had a busy day as well with meeting with hospice workers, funeral home, and what not.

We had his funeral yesterday and it was a beautiful service and it was wonderful to remember and honor such a GREAT man. He really was the greatest of the great. 

I'm still spotting/bleeding from the procedure which is super annoying. I'm wondering if it's also a mixture of breakthrough bleeding from birth control. Dr. Conway PA Stephanie said it's normal and to just continue as I have. If it last much longer I'll call again and see if I can double up on birth control to stop the spotting.

I start meds in a couple weeks and the the labs and u/s monitoring will start for my transfer in February 17.

I told my father-in-law to make sure he brings us some babies and to hug our Jayden. Knowing he's up there with our future child brings me more hope that this transfer will be the successful one.



  1. I believe Boyd will do exactly that. Send your sweet babies down.������

  2. I believe Boyd will do exactly that. Send your sweet babies down.������