Friday, February 10, 2017

Labs, u/s and polyp biopsy update...

My polyp biopsy came back normal. :)

Here is the box of some of my meds for my FET 2/17/17.
I started baby aspirin on 1/19.
Last birth control pill was 1/23 the. Period was 1/26-2/1.
I started plaquenil 1/26 (an autoimmune drug) in hopes to prevent miscarriage in case my body is attacking the baby thinking it's something it isn't.

I started the estrodial valerate 0.15 (estrogen) shots on 1/27 I do these every Tuesday and Friday night.
I  had my baseline u/s and labs 1/25 which was all normal and good. Lining was thin like it should be, no cysts on ovaries.
2/2 LABS they also drew some labs to recheck hormone levels and blood type and disease panel since the last I had done was in 2014.
My prolactin levels came back high 44 so they had me recheck it the next day (2/3) fasting and no intercourse the night before. It was still high at 47 and they like it 24 or lower. So they began me on parlodel a medicine to lower it. I take 1/2 pill a day and will recheck my levels in a month. They said it shouldn't affect my transfer but high levels of prolactin can sometimes cause miscarriage. So maybe this is one more thing that'll keep my babe in me.
2/6 had more labs and u/s  and they  came back good. My lining is 11.2mm they like it above 8 so lining is good and ready for transfer next Friday. I just can't believe it's come so fast. I'm kind of glad it's been a crazy couple months to keep me from going down a dark anxious road. I'm still so anxious and stressed about another loss but I also trust that I've done everything I can and I have no other option but to leave it in God's hands. So come what may I'll still trust Him and His plan for my family.
I have one more lab draw Monday 2/13 before transfer next Friday and start the thick progesterone in oil shots Sunday(2/12) with a progesterone suppository--- I'll get to do those both daily.

Then I start z-pack 2/13 and medrol 2/14 and day of transfer I'll begin the lovenox (blood thinner) in case I have some clotting thing not picked up on other labs I had drawn.

So T-minus 7 days until one of our little embaby's are reunited with us. Praying the embryologist chooses a good eggy and that he/she sticks good and is in it for the long haul!

Oh and we moved into our new home 1/23. WE are loving having our own space and are grateful we feel settled and mostly unpacked for out transfer 2/17/17.

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  1. We're fasting and praying for you so hard!! Sure love you guys!

  2. Love you Alli! Thank you! ��