Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Labs and U/S

I am so grateful for all the kind comments and words I've received and the support, love and prayers. Please know we can feel your prayers and I am not feeling like  I'm not alone in this.  You are helping me be BOLD and BRAVE. You are all carrying me through. I am so grateful and feel so blessed. Wish I could give you all a hug <3

So what I've been up to is some labs and u/s to check estrogen and progesterone levels and lining of endometrium. You see that nice stick looking thing? Yeah that's what they stick up the you know what to measure my lining. Lucky me!

We are in the process of getting that uterus nice a ready for baby to cozy into. My doctor likes a endometrial thickness of at least 7-8mm. I usually have no problem with this. The previous 2 IVF cycles I've done I've gotten pregnant but then miscarried at around 6.5-7 weeks.

In additional to a prenatal and folic acid I take a fish oil every morning and I asked to do 500 mg 2x day of metformin this cycle since I have PCOS I'm hoping it will help prevent miscarriage although the doctor doesn't think it will but I'm trying everything I can to keep my baby in me this round. If it doesn't hurt why not try it! I took metformin with my first pregnancy and carried my angel baby until 23 weeks then went into preterm labor. (More on that later)

They typically have you do a baby aspirin as well but we are not doing that this cycle again to try something different so I don't miscarry.

I had a bunch of lab tests, an endometrial biopsy, and HSG done earlier this year to see if I have any genetic clotting disorder, karyotyoing issues,  polyps,  or any other abnormal thing going on that's causing me to lose my babies and everything came back normal.

3-31-16 lining was at 3mm
Started 1 mg of estradiol 8am and 8 pm
Lupron 5 unit shot at 8:30 pm

4-4-16 lining was at 6mm
Started 2 mg of estradiol at 8am and 8pm
Lupron 5 units at 8:30pm

I have another lab u/s on Thursday morning and then again next Wednesday and then we will be travelling to Spokane for our transfer on April 18th. This month is already going so fast. 


  1. Good luck!!! I'm sure you are an amazing mommy already and I hope another cutie gets to come your way!

    1. Thanks Ashlee! You are too kind. I hope so too. xoxo

  2. Way to go Ang! I'll be keeping you and Neal in my prayers!

    1. Thanks Dan! Really appreciate it!