Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Labs and U/S

Had more labs and ultrasound on Monday.

My endometrial lining is 5.6mm so it's getting up there just like we want it to. 

Labs look good.

And here are the meds I'm taking. I am having a few hot flashes these days from the estrace so that's fun when also having 90 degree weather. Makes me want to throw off my clothes and jump in the pool! ;) 

Estrace 2mg 8 am and 8pm
Lupron shot 5 units 8:30pm
Baby aspirin
Folic acid
Omega 3/ vit D

Herbs/Natural stuff I'm trying:
Red raspberry leaf
Vit E
Vit A
Vit C

I also am trying Millennia oil rubbed on abdomen and at uterus point (right ankle) on foot zone/reflexology. Its supposed to strengthen the uterus and cervix .

I'm trying everything I can to get this baby to stick!

Comin up is more labs and u/s on Thursday. 

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