Sunday, July 3, 2016

More Labs and U/S

Had more labs and u/s on Thursday.

My endometrial lining is now 11mm so that is great! They want it at least 7mm so yay! 🎉

I've never had issues with my lining being thin which is a relief. But I asked my nurse can it be too thick? She said it can but that I was 13-14mm the last 2 transfers and that's fine but it's when it gets up to 18mm or so that they worry. So little endometrial lining of mine you're doing good just don't go getting too thick on me!

Labs look good.

And other good news is I've had no hot flashes the last few days. 🙌 💃

Estrace 2mg 8 am -3pm-  8pm
Lupron shot 5 units 8:30pm
Baby aspirin
Folic acid
Omega 3/ vit D
Metformin 500mg 2x a day

Herbs/Natural stuff I'm trying:
Red raspberry leaf
Vit E
Vit A
Vit C
Millennia oil rubbed on abdomen and under right ankle bone. 2x a day

Have one last labs and U/S on July 6th and then we head to Spokane Saturday for labs Sunday and transfer on Monday. It's coming so quick.

I'm excited because I'm pretty positive I'll get pregnant because the last two IVF rounds I did. But I'm also anxious because those also ended in miscarriage around 6.5 weeks. But that's why I'm trying  a few different things and we also found that polyp so I'm hyping myself up saying "3rd times the charm" and trying to not let my fears and anxiety overwhelm me. It's such a roller coaster but I've done all I possibly can and the rest I leave in our loving capable Heavenly Father's hands. I know what I so desperately long for but He knows what is best and I trust Him. His will be done. So I hope what I want is also His will this time around. 😉

Thank you for your prayers. I feel them and I know they are helping me stay  positive and optimistic and sane. Love you my sweet friends. I have been so buoyed up with all your love. Thank you my heart is filled with ❤❤❤.

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  1. Hooray for good news like no hot flashes and a good looking lining!!! Third time is totally the charm. Good luck friend 😘😘 Wishing you alllllll my best!