Wednesday, July 20, 2016

First Pregnancy Test


So I actually have been so anxious this last week. Any twinge, cramp or anything sent me spinning. I had some brown spotting Sunday and Monday that made me have a meltdown. I know spotting is common with IVF and I've had it every time I've done it but it's been different every time. So it's hard for me to know if it's a good thing or bad thing.

I woke up having to pee and laid there thinking and kept going back and forth debating if I should do an at home pregnancy test. I finally couldn't hold it any longer and decided to pee in a cup so that if I decided to test later I could. I told Neal after he woke up what I had done and he offered to test for me since I get anxiety attacks with pregnancy test.

I was upstairs getting Grayson breakfast and came down and noticed the cup had moved. I asked "Neal did you test it?"
 N:"Yeah, do you want to know?"
Me:"I don't know, do I?"
N: "yeah you do, you're pregnant!" With a huge grin.

It was so nice not having the stress of waiting for the test results. He's the best of the best.

My blood HCG is: 222 (they like anything above 50 and said that it's a good strong BFP (BIG FAT POSITIVE) and my progesterone is 16 (they like it at least 8 or 9)

I test again Friday to make sure it at least doubles and is a viable pregnancy.

We are cautiously excited. It's so hard to be fully all-in joyful because we've had so many losses especially early on with the last 2 IVF rounds. So please don't judge if you see us in person and we don't act over the moon.

We are so very grateful and humbled by all the prayers and support and we would love if you would continue to pray for us and our baby to stay in there and get comfy for a long while.

God is so good. How grateful we are that He is answering our prayers.

Love to you all! ❤


  1. Oh Ang! This news makes me so so happy! Your cute family will be in our prayers. Yay for miracles and tender mercies!!

  2. Made my day hearing this !!! CONGRATS YAY so excited for your family

  3. Made my day hearing this !!! CONGRATS YAY so excited for your family

  4. So happy for you...prayers it will continue to go well.

  5. Yay! We are thinking and praying and hoping for the best! Xo Shonee