Friday, July 15, 2016

Transfer Day

We drove up to Spokane on Saturday and had our little embaby transferred on Monday July 11.
Had Sunday morning labs at 7. My progesterone and estrogen levels were good and they called me with my transfer time and instructions.

At 9:30am empty bladder and then drink 32 oz of water by 10am and check in at 11:30 for transfer at  noon. Don't wear any perfume or smells of any kind and eat as normal.

So Monday morning comes and I follow my instructions and in between drinking and checking in I made Neal run to target with me (since ours here is crappy) and then we stopped at General Store for Neal and by then I had to pee something fierce! I could hardly walk it was so bad.

Made it to the office without peeing myself (barely) and they let me empty some of my bladder which felt so good. Then I got in my sweet outfit, my nurse LeAnn checked to make sure my bladder was full enough and  went over the after transfer instructions of no aerobic exercise, sex, overheating, dehydrating, no alcohol or caffeine and stay on meds and gave me my lab orders then Dr Robins came in and chatted with us and gave us a pic of our little embaby.

Karen (another assistant there who gives the best hugs) stuck her head in and gave me a hug and said tell Dr. Robins to put some super glue in there let's make this one stick longer!

Nurse came back and took me to the room and I laid down and they rechecked my bladder and got me all set up in the stirrups and Dr. Robins prepped my cervix and such and put the catheter in. My nurse LeAnn is next to me on one side chatting with me and has the tummy u/s probe on so we can see my bladder and uterus so Dr. Robins can see where he is putting the catheter.

The embryologist came in from the room next door and ID'd me and showed me my embryo on the screen then we watched him suck it up in the catheter and he brought it in, Dr. Robins took it and then we watched on the u/s machine. I see a white line on the u/s screen they tell me it's the catheter and then a tiny little flash of white and it is in!

Dr Robins handed the catheter back to the embryologist who takes it to the room next door to make sure my embryo is in me and wasn't stuck in the catheter still. He yells clear. And Dr. Robins removes the speculum and such.

He comes over and says OK let's hope this is it! They let me get up right afterwards and go pee and get dressed.  (They used to have you lay flat for 20 min but they said all that did was make people more anxious and if it's going to work it's going to no matter if you take it easy 3 days or resume almost normal activity (besides the stuff they said to not do.)Then Neal and I walked out of the office together into the bright sunny day hopeful this is it. 

We now leave this in Heavenly Father's hands. We have done all we can and now it is up to Him on what transpires next. 

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  1. Fingers crossed for you! Thanks for talking about what happened! Our turn is coming up and it's nice to read how they do things. :) Was your husband in the room when they did the transfer? I couldn't remember if they said he could go in or not.