Tuesday, May 24, 2016

The beginning of our Infertility Journey...

Neal and I were married in June 2006 and started trying to have children about 6 months after we were married (partly because I was a crazy lady on birth control and of course because babies are cute) haha.

I graduated college from BYU-I in summer of 2007 and worked full-time while Neal finished up school. I went to my OB/GYN Dr. Hall's office in the fall and he had me do a post-coital test (you can look it up if you want... I feel too awkward writing what it is)  and so he put me on estrogen to thin out my mucus. He also put me on clomid to try and help me ovulate...we did several cycles of this and it never worked. He told me that I didn't fit the typical polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) patient because I wasn't overweight so he wouldn't even test me for it or let me try metformin with the clomid.

I also tried Acupuncture around this time. The first round I was able to have a period (which I never do with my PCOS) so I was amazed! The acupuncturist had me drink this grass tasting herbal stuff 3x a day (I had to plug my nose to swallow it and then hurried and ate a peanut M&M afterwards to help the taste.) But after a couple months nothing was happening again so I ended up stopping the acupuncture.

Summer 2008 I decided I need to see a different doctor. I saw a PA Serena Davidson at Dr. Huggins office and she ran a few blood test and diagnosed me with PCOS. She put me on metformin and clomid and in Fall of 2008 we moved to Fullerton, CA for Neal to go to optometry school.

Fall 2008 I went to Dr. Ackerman in California (it was who all the other optometry school wife's went to) and he upped my metformin to 1000 mg 2x day and clomid to 4 pills days 3-7. The first cycle  or two nothing happened. In December 2008 they had me come in to do u/s to see if I was going to ovulate and I had one little follicle growing. And miracle of all miracles... I got pregnant!

 So when we found out in January 2009 that we were expecting we were ecstatic and we knew Heavenly Father had granted us a miracle and answered our prayers. 

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