Saturday, May 7, 2016

Doctors and more doctors...

So a bit has happened since I wrote last. This will probably be boring. Sorry but this is just so I can document and see tender mercies along this crazy journey.

Dr. Conway:

After finding out  Dr. Conway (the IVF here in Idaho Falls)was out of network I called and left a message telling them I wouldn't be doing the saline u/s since they were out of network. Dr. Conway called me and told me she would be happy to do the saline ultrasound free of charge this time. I was so touched that she would reach out to me and be so accommodating. So I went in on April 25th and her PA Stephanie did the saline u/s and Dr. C and Stephanie didn't find anything abnormal. Dr. Conway said she'd send a report to Dr. Robins (IVF in Spokane) and see if that would be sufficient but that he may still want to do a hysterscope. She said she thought that there was a 80% chance that the hysterscope would be normal. Dr. Conway told me Dr. Denson  an OBGYN here in IF just got a new scope and can do them in office and that might save on price.

LeAnn my nurse coordinator for Dr. Robins (IVF Spokane) called and said he still wanted the hysterscope just to make sure all is well and if any abnormal finding do a light D&C (scrape out the uterus). She said Dr. Robins would like to chat with the doctor doing the scope to tell them what he's concerned about or wants to look at and what to do for light D&C if indicated.

Dr. Robison:
So I went to Rosemark and saw Dr. Steve Robison who I heard was a good doctor and chatted about doing the scope. He said they could do it in office but that they would still have to do anesthesia for the procedure or he could do it at the hopsital. He said he would have the insurance people check both costs to see what would be more cost effective and he was good either way. He did say if a D&C was indicated we'd have to schedule that at the hospital.  The billing people  called me and told me it was cheaper in office --only $25! But that my insurance wouldn't cover the anesthesia so it would be $500 cash and that the anesthesiologists come from Boise once a month so we'd have to schedule May 18 for the day they are there but if they don't get more than 2 patients scheduled for that day I'd have to wait until June 22 the next time they come and so far I'd be the only one schedule for May 18. June 22 was just too late and close to transfer especially if I need a D&C. So I told them to schedule for the 18th and if not I may have to go to the hospital instead.

I also figured I ask cost for just regular u/s for monitoring for my next transfer since I have to pay those out of pocket since it's infertility. They charge $365! Only discount they give is 15% if paid same day... that's insane. I can't do that. I have 4 u/s I do for the transfer cycle. So I may just go back to Dr. Leavitt's office (who I went to for my last IVF cycle) since they only charge $100 for IVF u/s monitoring.

Dr. Denson:
So I decided I might as well see Dr. Nick Denson (the one Dr. Conway told me about) and see their price for the hysterscope since any little money saved helps. I had an appointment with him May 4 and chatted with him. He said they can do it in office without anesthesia and they just do an oral medicine to help with pain and relax you. I signed the consent form for the procedure (the one where they tell you  the risks like you could possibly die or have your uterus perforated).  He also said he'd check with the sonographer and see if she'd be willing to do my u/s for monitoring for my next transfer for $100 each like Leavitt's office. So I went ahead and scheduled with their office for hysterscope on May 17.

The billing lady called me back from Dr. Denson's office and told me it'd be $25 for procedure and that the sonographer agreed to do the u/s for $100 for monitoring. Which is so nice that they are willing to work things out with me.

So I decided to cancel the procedure with Dr. Robison and have Dr. Denson do it to save $500. I called LeAnn at Dr. Robins (IVF Spokane) and told her I scheduled the hysterscope for May 17 with Dr. Denson and she told me Dr. Robins and Dr. Denson had already spoke with each other so Dr. Denson knows what he is looking for.

{My loves. These 2 are my world.}

So now I'm in a dilemma...which OBGYN do I see after my transfer? I have liked every doctor I've seen. They only reason I decided to change from Dr. Leavitt is because he's just too busy so last transfer during my miscarriage I had to see a different doctor in his office and I've literally only seen him one time for an annual exam.

A family friend recommended Dr. Robison and said other nurses at EIRMC said he was really good under pressure and competent.

Dr. Conway recommended Dr. Denson office for the hysterscope so I assume she'd recommend them as an OBGYN.

I googled both their names and Dr. Denson has 4.8 out of 5 stars on healthy grades  and Dr. Robison only has 2.5 stars on there. Dr. Denson is younger so Dr. Robison is older so of course has more experience.  But can you really trust those reviews on healthy grades?  I'd love a doctor who is both competent and has the time and good bedside manner. But if I had to choose between a nice or a competent doctor I'd choose competent.  For now I'll just keep debating, I still have some time to decide.

Our transfer is scheduled for July 11 in Spokane.


  1. I've seen Dr. Steve Robinson for my last 2 babies. I love him. He's always answered all my questions, I've never felt rushed with him or I'm just a number. He's upfront honest and tells me like it is with no sugar coating.

  2. I was not impressed with Dr. Robison. He didn't explain anything to me with my first kid. And he took forever to get to the hospital to deliver, my poor baby and two crowns on his head cause he was waiting to long. The nurses almost just delivered him.
    Dr. Finders on at Rosemark is awesome! My sister loves him. He is friendly, chats with you, and is very informational.he is also at Rosemark.