Tuesday, August 9, 2016

No baby...

I was a ball of nerves all morning. I told Neal I don't know if I want to know. I was teary and didn't want to hear the worst.

Went and got labs then headed for U/S at Denson's office. Dr. Pam Denson did the u/s and I could tell instantly there was nothing in the sac. It was bigger than last time but it was just a black hole.
She told us it would appear to be a blighted ovum but she can't medically document that until the sac is 2 mm. Mine is 1.28mm. So she said to come back next week and do another u/s and then talk with Dr. Nick afterwards.

My HCG levels are now 13,850. Dr. Pam said those levels are higher than she expected with what we saw. So we will do another labs next week with the u/s.

So it's dragging out another week. I'm sure next week we will see nothing and then we can finally get closure and decide if we do a D&C or what not.

So lots of tears shed, what else can you do when you hear the news you dreaded hearing.  It's hard, and definitely not what I was hoping for but we will be OK but for now I will cry, eat my chocolate and go on a shopping spree.

Again I will probably shut down for awhile and please don't be offended if I don't comment or respond to texts, emails, etc. I'm just working through my grief. We so appreciate all the love and support from all of you during this process and can feel comfort and peace through the prayers said in our behalf.  


  1. Oh Angie. I'm so sorry! Not the news we wanted to read either. I wish we could fix it. You guys are in our prayers!!

  2. Oh Angie. No words will really solve anything but just know we love you. You are so strong.

  3. 😭😤😞. Too much to say so I'll just send you an email! Thanks for the update friend. 😘😘😘