Friday, August 19, 2016

What now?

So I had another u/s and lab Monday and my HCG levels rose to 26,374 and no surprise but still no baby. So now we know there is officially no baby or anything in the sac what's next?

I had a doctors appointment Monday as well and Dr. Denson feels it would be best to try and pass it on my own without a D&C. The sac is so small he feels the risk of D&C and messing with the cervix (especially in my case with incompetent cervix) would be unwise. I told him I just don't want this dragging out for weeks.  I stopped all my meds progesterone and estradiol.

I had another HCG drawn Wednesday and it dropped to 21,000 something. So maybe things are moving along. I had a blood clot and gush of blood Tuesday night but nothing since then and I feel like from my miscarriages in the past it just wasn't enough to be done.

So I have an appointment on Monday to see if anything has passed and if not he'll probably give me cytotec to get things moving. I used cytotec the last time and hated it. I didn't think it was working and did another dose and one of the pills fell out and I thought it might've been one of the babies.  They wanted me to try and collect the products of conception to test for genetic problems so I was just stressed the entire time. Awful!

This time might not be so bad since we already know this was a genetic issue so no need to try and collect anything. Let's hope things happen soon. It's already been almost a week and not much has happened in the passing/ miscarrying department.

So we sit and wait... As you can see waiting is a HUGE part of IVF and infertility. But thank goodness we have this sweet little boy to help us find joy in this difficult journey. He is our world and we love him more than life! 

In the meantime we are getting papers going to get our other 11 frozen embryos transferred to Dr. Conway office here in Idaho Falls. 


  1. Ang, I just feel so heartbroken for you. I don't know why hard things happen to good people. You and Neal are the best of the best. Hope our Heavenly Father's love and peace will carry you through. Praying for your heart and that things will move quickly and easily this time around. Love ya!

  2. Oh geez girl. So much waiting is right! I hate the waiting. Thanks for the update and post. Sorry for the confirmed news of no baby though- I was hoping for a crazy miracle. So glad you have that little boy to snuggle and give extra love to during this time!! What a great pic of your cute self and family. Now let's get this period here already- and all that comes with it too :/. Just to get a fresh start with new bright chances of hope. Whenever you're ready for that of course. All my love and hope and luck and ALL the happy things being sent your way dear friend 😘.